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Who needs fur if you can fake it!?
Created from the finest, specially-treated synthetic hair that works and feels just like the real deal. Non-shedding and extra soft. Grab and blend colour without any of the cruelty or hygiene problems associated with animal-hair brushes. Fully Vegan.

#40 Flat Top Foundation

Our bestselling brush. Created specifically to work with mineral foundation, this brush makes your dream come true: no mess, no fuzz: bye bye buki, hello flat top miracle! The gentle fibers won’t cause irritation and will help you to start the day flawlessly!

#42 Travel Powder

This one-stop shop of a brush is a serious multi-tasker! The Retractable Kabuki Brush is the ideal tool to apply mineral foundation, bronzers and/or  blushers powders flawlessly. Push up to use achieve  a deep coverage of Mineral Foundation or push down to buff for a more sheer coverage.

#44 Angled Brush

Created with the finest synthetic quality bristles
Give your cheeks a a perfect flush with our angled blush!  Our fluffy, angled Blush Brush allows for natural or precise shading uniquely designed to fit the contour of your cheeks.

#46 Fan Bronze

Your new best friend in bronzing & highlighting. Not only your face will love this fake squirrel miracle, your legs, arms, you name it, will all be very grateful with after touch of this fan brush.

#48 Concealer

This brush allows you to blend concealer under your eyes or for small-area coverage. The flat, tapered head conceals beautifully and is small enough to blend in the smallest areas. You will find many uses for this brush – it works great for concealing, blending and applying eye and lip colors also.

#20 Angled Shadow

The Angled Eye Shadow Brush lets you layer, blend, shade, and define. Its slightly rounded edges perfectly apply shadow to the crease and corners of the eye. As opposed to smudging in creases like other brushes, this brush sweeps color with accuracy and can be used on all parts of the eye.

#22 All over Eye

An easy to use shadow brush that will insure a perfect application every time: it holds just the right amount of color, fits into the crease and is ideal for quick blending of colors. Also a great for highlighting.

#24 Multi Eye

A true pro tool, this modern brush makes you a contouring master. The circular, angled shape does the work for you! This is it, ladies. Impress your friends with our Shading Brush. The ultra-modern shape is circular and angled, perfect for creating contours and blending anywhere on the eye. Do you like to create layered looks? Mix textures? Show off your eye-shadow skills? Here you go!

#26 Lash

Great brush for combing eyebrows and separating eyelashes. Use this brush to highlight your hair with any shimmer  and a bit of your favorite hair wax or hair gel.

#28 Angled Liner

The Angled Liner Brush features a super flat, squared-off shape that easily creates precisely thin lines with powder shadow, for definition without a hard edge. Also great for your eyebrows. Work like a pro with this killer liner brush!

#60 Travel Lip

With its own metal lid and soft Taklon fibers, this is the ideal lip brush for touch-ups to ensure you have the perfect pout all day long. The synthetic, tapered head is designed for precise, professional application of lipstick and gloss.

Made in Germany
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High Performance, Natural Cosmetics with very high organic percentages. Cruelty-free, non-gmo, gluten-free & vegan.

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