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Are all your products vegan?

Yes, you can purchase any Hiro product without having to check the ingredient lists. All our products are vegan.

Do you use ingredients that have been derived from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

No, all our ingredients are GMO-free.

Do your products contain synthetic dyes?

No, none of our products contain synthetic dyes / colouring ingredients.

Where / how do you source your mica? I am worried about child labour and impurities.

The concern expressed regarding child labor practices within India’s mica industry is very real and very valid. Our suppliers have strict protocols for our ingredient/vendor sourcing …… due diligence and adherence to sustainability, purity, and enforcement of human rights by our direct and indirect suppliers.

Almost all of our micas are mined and sourced in the USA. For mica originating from India we require the approved vendors we use to adhere to NRSC (National Resources Stewardship Circle) guidelines, an organization dedicated to responsible sourcing in the beauty industry. The mica material is sourced from audited, gated mines and the use of child labor is forbidden. This formal working environment is the only way to ensure compliance, since child labor cannot be ruled out if mica is gathered in publicly accessible areas and villages. 

The main problem today has to do with color cosmetics made in China, where many of the factories use very inexpensive ingredients from India and human rights violations by their sources are not a factor in their decisions.

Concerning impurities: naturally all our ingredients are cleaned and tested for purity so that any traces of heavy metals left inside ingredients are negligible (otherwise we would not even be allowed to sell them in the EU). We also have extensive safety reports of every single ingredient as well as finished products on file.

Do you use nano-sized particles?

In short no we don’t. But you express a legitimate concern regarding particle size and, specifically, the use of nanoparticles in cosmetics. This is an important issue and we see it come up mostly with sunscreen lotions and creams, when nanoparticles, usually titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are formulated with a liquid or semi-liquid carrier. The issue carries over to cosmetic powders.

A nanoparticle (or nanopowder or nanocluster or nanocrystal) is a microscopic particle with at least one dimension less than 100 nanometers. Nano-size particles are so small that they are able to penetrate the skin’s surface and can be absorbed into the blood stream. At Hiro Cosmetics we do not believe in the use of nano-size particles in our powders. Our mineral granules are much larger (non-nano) and designed to lay on the skin’s surface, not be absorbed. Depending on the shade and product formula, the size of our powder particles varies but does not go below 3.0 microns (3,000 times larger than a nanometer particle). We can make them this big and still function fantastically well, because we have a very special way of grinding our minerals, with the best possible machines in the world. We also only use rutile Titanium Dioxide, so we are sure the particles are stable.

Do you use talc in your makeup?

No, we don’t, because of its contamination concerns and the fact that it can make makeup look very chalky. We have found better and safer ingredients to replace talc.

Do any of your products contain silicones, or microplastic?

No, absolutely not. We do not believe plastics and silicones have to be in makeup for it to perform.

What is the origin of your products / where are they made?

Our Natural / Organic & Mineral makeup is made in the EU (mostly the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, and Italy) as well as the USA.

Our vegan makeup brushes are made in the EU (Germany).

Our Beauty Blending Sponge is made in China.

Are you Clean Cosmetics?
While it is great that some cosmetics firms are trying to produce safer and “cleaner” products, the term clean, to us, is an empty term. There is absolutely no standard for “clean” cosmetics and it’s already being abused by 100’s of brands trying to jump on the bandwagon of clean cosmetics / color / makeup.

So yes, sure, we are clean. We are probably cleaner than 99.9% of the clean brands out there. We also also natural, organic, vegan, safe and unlike many clean brands we do not use silicones, liquid plastic, microplastic, nylons and so on.

Purchasing / Ordering

Why can't I order your products directly from you?

We prefer working with specialized shops, salons, and makeup artists. Amongst them are also some online stores where you can easily order our products.

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